About Us

What is the Jean Bar?

The Jean Bar is not just a boutique, it is a safe haven for people in search of a cozy atmosphere to find a perfect pair of blues.  Featuring a long wooden bar, the JEAN BAR is modeled after a neighborhood pub. Behind the bar sits over 20 brands of designer denim and behind the bar rests endless stacks of blues piled on wooden shelves. To get their hands on the goods, shoppers mosey up to the bar where they can either “call” their brand or rely on the expert advice of the “jeantender.”

By specifying the desired style, wash, and brand the jeantender will fit you in the perfect pair of blues. “Over the past eight years shoppers have found fashion, comfort and style all in one location, here at the JEAN BAR,” says Lady Fuller, owner. “This is a place where you can enjoy a shopping experience by yourself, with your significant other, or your friends and find the perfect pair of jeans and accessories to outfit your lifestyle.”

Our Background

The JEAN BAR is a denim specialty store developed by jean lover, Lady Reiss. Lady was born and raised in New Orleans with a unique blend of genes from her renowned businessman father and fashion model mother. Armed with an MBA, fashion connections, and a unique sense of style, Lady grew tired of shopping all over the nation for that perfect pair of denim. In addition, Lady found it hard to get good customer service at any stores, especially at blues jean stores, where she seemed to need it the most.

Lady’s obsession and quest morphed into a store that epitomized the idea of a laid back, “blues bar” atmosphere that offered the best selection of desirable jeans for both men and women. In September 2004, Lady’s vision became a reality when she opened the first blues JEAN BAR location in San Francisco. Since 2004, the stores have spread like wildfire, outfitting denim lovers all over the nation.