Non Profit & Fundraising Events


Why We Love to Raise Funds

Within the last year, The Blues Jean Bar non-profit fundraising partnerships have grossed upwards of $20K combined for organizations who need the help. It is our goal this upcoming year to double that amount, making $40K combined for non-profit organizations around the country.

On average our fundraiser events gross $2200 per 2-3 hours, allowing us to give in return donations from 10-15%.

Additional fundraiser elements, including raffles, outside partnerships, etc., can increase that donation by 5%.


How Our Fundraising Events Work

Schedule an event with us by clicking the ‘Book Now’ link below or in store.

Work with our in-house designer to create an an invite that both parties can send out as well as utilize on social media pages.

Brainstorm additional event features (speakers, raffles, music, etc.)

Each guest receives a personal denim consultation based on body type and style, with pre-discussed discount

The Blues Jean Bar gives percentage of sales from the event back to your fundraiser/non profit.




Book Now

Or contact us to inquire about hosting a fundraising event.